MARINE DOCUMENTATION: comprises all the documents, contracts, specifications, design work, work plans, budgets, rules, regulations, work schedules, materials, registration, technical user manuals, safety procedures, and all other paperwork required for a ship or yacht to be built, sold and operate.  We prepare and submit the following:

  1. Preparation of available Design Work & Technical Specification

  2. Procedure for submission to the Classification Society, MCA, Flag State or RCD.

  3. Bill of Materials and preliminary Project Work Schedule

  4. Build & Contract and Bid procedure

  5. Specification Construction process details

  6. Detailed Work Procedure/Schedule

  7. Contract Way Points & Stage Payments

  8. Owner Funding Forecasts

  9. Vessel Registration, Call Sign & Carving Board

  10. Bill of sale & Builders Certificate (Yard)

  11. Project Manager’s procedure and requirements booklet

  12. Prepare the Vessels Technical Manual

  13. As Built Drawing updated

  14. Fire & Safety Plan made

  15. System & Engineering as built drawing made

  16. Workshop Class Approval documented and submitted

  17. Quality Assurance manuals prepared

  18. List of LSA Life Saving Equipment and Systems

  19. Vessel safety Operating Procedure

  20. HAT: Harbour Acceptance Trials Documented

  21. SAT: Sea Acceptance Trails Documented

  22. Declaration of Conformity

  23. Noise Measurements

  24. Vessel Inclination Test

  25. Tonnage certificate

  26. Procedure for Fitting Windows

  27. Loose Stowed Items List

  28. VTC (VO) Variations to Contract ( Extras)

  29. Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

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Royal Denship 82' Motor Yacht

Royal Denship 82' Motor Yacht

200MT Float Dock v5.jpg