Any project needs to have planning, control and a responsible overview regardless if building a mega-yacht or an eight foot dinghy. It is unusual to hire a project manager for yachts less than about 60 feet but some kind of input or consultation can take place for any sized boat. Much depends on the type of yacht, location, and experience of the owner.

DUBOIS 85' Sailing Yacht: 2007

DUBOIS 85' Sailing Yacht: 2007

As early as possible, even at design stage, it will be an advantage for the owners to engage a Project Manager. The project managers experience, knowledge and planning will save time, money and a good deal of stress for the owners. He is on hand full time to pull together all the strands of the project to form a tight cohesive team, to plan, coordinate, monitor and above all control; in short to ensure that the project is brought to a satisfactory conclusion, on time, in budget and to the quality specified.

Requirements of a good Marine Project Manager:

The build or refit of any yacht is not a one man effort but must be a well choreographed ‘team effort’ monitored and managed by the yacht project manager. The qualities required for this role can only be gained by training and experience.

A yacht project manager needs to have detailed knowledge, preferably ‘hands on’, of building and repairing yachts, sail and power, of all sizes in all materials; Steel, Wood, GRP Composite & Aluminium. This not only includes construction but also the many, and often complicated yacht engineering systems in use today. He needs to be innovative, well organised with good problem solving skills and understand the importance of good communications. He should have an understanding and some experience of naval architecture and design as well as a legal understanding of contracts, purchasing, negotiating and accounting. Added to this he will need to have a good knowledge of vessel operation, shipyard operations, project planning and monitoring as well as budgets, funding forecasts, labour rules, quality control, health and safety, plus rules and regulations for RCD built yachts, Classification of large yachts, Flag State and MCA (LY3) requirements. He will often need to work with multi-cultural work forces and foreign government departments and regulations. In short, he needs to be professional, innovative, talented and trustworthy!

ROYAL DENSHIP - 42 Meter Expedition Yacht

ROYAL DENSHIP - 42 Meter Expedition Yacht


Experience has proven it is an advantage to have your project manager involved even at the projects ‘embryo’ stage. His role as project manager, representing the yacht owners, might be some or all of the following:

  1. Advise owners on yacht building & refit procedures

  2. Survey and advise the client on the yacht’s condition

  3. Find and evaluate build or refit facilities

  4. Prepare and write the Technical Build/Refit Specification

  5. Prepare a Bill of Materials for the project

  6. Make Job Lists & labour estimates to build or refit the vessel

  7. Provide an accurate cost & time-frame for the overall project

  8. Produce funding forecasts for payments to yard, subcontractors & suppliers

  9. Oversee the build or refit process locally on site

  10. Represent the owner of the yacht and his/her interests on site

  11. Organise sub-contractors for systems & equipment installations

  12. Prepare, monitor and control The Master Build Plan

  13. Prepare and update the Vessel Build Log

  14. Plan, design and supervise engineering systems & equipment installations

  15. Supply & monitor a list of design work required for Classification

  16. Prepare documentation for Classification, Flag State & MCA

  17. Oversee the fit-out, including systems, equipment, joinery, etc.

  18. Authorise and disperse payments as required

  19. Prepare and manage Dock & Sea trials

  20. Prepare & Supply Owners Manuals & As Built design drawings

  21. Prepare & Manage Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

  22. Manage the Weight study & ‘As built’ weight tally

  23. Manage Change Orders (CO or VTC) Variations to Contract

  24. Provide safety and security for the yacht and her contents


With forty-five years’ experience managing super-yacht projects around the world Interyacht Project Management is your key to any successful project. This includes working with the best designers, naval architects and shipyards.  We have extensive experience with planning, design work, estimating the costs of building, refitting & repairing yachts in GRP Composite, Steel, Aluminium & Wood to RCD and Class. We provide onsite supervision, represent the owner of the yacht, or the yard, supply engineering systems & joinery design work and focused management. We specialise working at a variety of international venues with multi-cultural work forces but above all; we offer honest, transparent project management based on a lifetimes passion for yachts and historic vessels.

Services Provided:

  1. Project Management & Marine Consultancy - New Build & Repairs & Refits - all vessels.

  2. On site Supervision & Leadership

  3. Experienced working to and with Classification Societies, Lloyds, ABS, DNV, RINA & GL., MCA, LY3, PYC, IMO & CE Approval (RCD)

  4. Build cost estimates & feasibility study work.

  5. Contracts & bids prepared

  6. Work Schedules Produces and Monitored

  7. BOM (Bill of Materials) Prepared

  8. Technical Specifications prepared and monitored

  9. Experienced organising and managing sub-contractors

  10. Engineering systems design

  11. Joinery details & construction drawings prepared

  12. Vessel Technical Manuals prepared

  13. Computer Literacy: AutoCAD, Rhino, 3D Delft-ship, MS Project, MS Office.

  14. Languages:   Fluent English, Danish, Norwegian & Thai.

CONCORDIA SHIPYARD Rayong, Thailand- 25,000 M2 - Designed & Built by Andy J.J. Pitt in 1999/2000

CONCORDIA SHIPYARD Rayong, Thailand- 25,000 M2 - Designed & Built by Andy J.J. Pitt in 1999/2000