Superyacht Consultants in Asia & around the world

The build, repair or refit of any yacht is an art form but the size and complexity of a superyacht requires a group of interwoven disciplines executed by trained and experienced personnel and monitored by a consultant or project manager. For the inexperienced manager, boat-builder, buyer or owner, building or refitting a superyacht may initially appear daunting, overwhelming and complicated but consulting ‘Interyacht Project Management’ and following a time-tested procedure, it becomes more easily understandable and manageable. Based on 45 years’ international experience, ‘Interyacht Project Management’ provides honest, down to earth, marine consulting for any yacht. We work with owners, yards, crews and agents to gather information about the yacht and supply unbiased solutions and advice. We are based in Europe and South East Asia but available at short notice for any project at any location worldwide.

Free Advice & Guidance:

If you are considering buying a new or used yacht, have an existing yacht in need of a refit or simply need advice or support, regardless of the location, size or type please make contact with me. I am happy to offer free initial advice and guidance for any yacht or project.

Project Planning:

For any new build, repair or refit project an overall project plan is vital for it to succeed and an experienced yacht consultant on board early on can greatly reduce time and cost. Consulting work often covers: vessel inspection and appraisal, the preparation of a detailed job list, technical specification for the project, labour and materials requirements and an overall cost/time analysis. Overall it may cover:

  1. Represent the vessels owner or buyer and his/her assets

  2. Vessel inspection and appraisal on behalf of the client

  3. A detailed scope of work required and recommendations 

  4. Prepare and write the Technical Refit Specification

  5. Prepare a Bill of Materials for the vessels new build or refit program

  6. Provide & job list & labour estimate to complete the project

  7. Contact sub-contractors for quotes

  8. Find, inspect yard facilities and provide appraisal

  9. Supply estimated ‘time-lines’ and realistic completion dates

  10. Prepare, monitor and control the Master New Build or Refit Plan

  11. Keep the yachts owner or representative updated on progress

  12. Plan & supervise the service & repair of engines & systems

  13. Supply & monitor a list of design work required for Classification

  14. Prepare documentation for Classification, Flag State & MCA

  15. Oversee and supervise the refit process locally

  16. Manage the purchasing of materials & equipment

  17. Organise & manage sub-contractors as required

  18. Take, store, and supply digital images of progress.

  19. Oversee the haul out, blocking, movements and launching

  20. Organise a secure storage for parts & equipment

  21. Organise 24 hour on site security for the yacht

  22. Prepare and manage Dock & Sea trials

  23. Update owner’s manuals & as built design drawings

  24. Prepare & manage non-disclosure agreements

  25. Manage the weight study & ‘as-built’ weight tally

  26. Manage change orders or variations to contract

New Build & Refit Specification:

Based on meetings with the client, owner, his representative or crew, we will prepare a detailed New Build or Refit Specification for all the required work. Without it the project will not be manageable as no one will know what is required, what materials and labour will be needed, where, when, and what it all will cost. It will become the basis for the new build or refit contract and contain an agreed scope of work and all the details about the yacht including classification, flag state and regulations.

Cost & Time Estimate:

Based on experience, the Scope of Work and Refit Specification, Interyacht Project Management’ will gather sufficient information to prepare a detailed list of materials, equipment and labour required to slip, move, cover, protect and launch the yacht and supply the client with an estimate time and cost for the project.

Full Transparency:

We offer full transparency and provide the client with as much information as possible working with others to arrive at the best overall cost and time frame to complete the project. We work on a ‘fixed fee’ basis agreed with the client and do not add commission, handling or mark up on any costs.

Project Planning & Monitoring:

We will also prepare an overall Master plan, New Build or Refit Schedule which may be prepared on MS Excel or MS Project in order for the client, buyer, owner, project manager or crew, to monitor the project on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in supplying good communications and updates to all clients, owners, agents, yards, captains and representatives.

Standard Procedure for Slipping & Launching large yachts:

We supply a time-proven procedure for preparing large yachts to be slipped, moved or launched. Regardless of the size or type of vessel, sail or power, in order to slip the yacht ashore a docking plan and clearly defined procedure is required. The docking plan will provide the weight of the vessel, overall length, beam and draft and show the three-dimensional shape of the hull. It will indicate the location of rudders, propellers, shafts, ‘P’ brackets, thruster tubes, stabilizers, depth sounders, through hull fittings and all other appendages including underwater lights and cameras. This, together with a written procedure, is vital in order to set up the slipway cradle as well as keel support blocks, bilge poppets and side supports. Prior to all movements we use a clearly written procedure and group meetings informing all involved who does what and when.