‘InterYacht Project Management’ work closely with discerning owners, yacht designers and shipyards to build, survey, refit and repair the world’s finest yachts. We can be available to advise on the project set-up, cost & time estimate, provide technical specifications, work procedures, represent an owner or operate as project managers and consultants for most yacht projects

vessels built, refit, surveyed & consulted: 1974-2019

VESSEL/PROJECT:                              FLAG:            MATERIAL:                WORK:                            WHERE:


  1. ‘SHIRIS’ 55’ classic sailboat                          USA                 Wood                    Major Refit                        England

  2. ‘BLUE FASCINATION’ 29m Jongert           GB                    Steel                     Major Refit                        England

  3. ‘VICTORIA T’ 33m Farr Sloop                      CAN                  Aluminium          Refit/Consultant              Malaysia

  4. ‘ROSALYN’ 86’ classic sailboat                    GB                    Wood                   Major Refit                        England

  5. ‘MERRY MAID'- 34.14m Classic Yacht      UK                     Wood                   Refit                                   Thailand

  6. ‘LUCKY STAR’ Classic 12m (46’) SY             DK                    Wood                   Refit                                   Denmark

  7. ‘FRIA’ 43m -250 Ton Schooner                   DK                     Steel/wood        Restoration                       Denmark

  8. ‘NORD STAERN’ 87-ton schooner              DK                     Wood                   Refit/re-rig                       Denmark

  9. ‘AKAROA II’ 67’ sailing yacht                       GB                     GRP                      Survey                               Scotland

  10. ‘MIRABELLA’ 40m Farr Sloop (01)              USA                  GRP                      New Build                         Thailand

  11. ‘PHILANDERER’ 40m Farr Sloop (02)        GB                      GRP                     Hull/Deck                         Thailand

  12. ‘MIRRABELLA II’ 40m Farr Sloop (03)       USA                   GRP                      Hull/Deck                         Thailand

  13. ‘AMRAPALI’ – 36m Schooner                      USA                   Wood                   Consultant                       Thailand

  14. ‘GLORY B’   56’ ketch                                     GB                      Wood                   Refit                                  Denmark

  15. ‘VALKYRIE’ 47 foot ketch                              DK                      Wood                   New Build                        Denmark

  16. ‘ALBATROSS’ 40 foot motor Sailor             DK                      Wood                   Conversion                       Denmark

  17. ‘KEVU’   55’ Castro Ketch                              GB                      GRP                      Refit                                   England

  18. Ron Holland 67’ Sailing yacht                      GB                      GRP                      Plugs & Moulds               England

  19. Premier 58’ Bill Dixon ketch                        GB                       Steel                     New Build                         England

  20. Premier 57’ Bill Dixon Sailing yacht           GB                       Steel                     New Build                         England

  21. Discovery 45’ CB Bill Dixon SY                     GB                      Aluminium          New Build                         England

  22. Oyster 53’ Sailing yacht                                 GB                      GRP                      New Build                        England

  23. 43’ Wingsail Trimaran Yacht                        GB                       GRP                     New Build                        England

  24. ‘OSPREY’ 97’ S & S Cutter                            USA                    Aluminium          Survey/Refit                    Thailand

  25. ‘WINDS OF TIME’ 70’ steel ketch               GB                        Steel                    New Build                        China

  26. ‘DOUBLOON’ 36’ Classic sailing yacht      GB                        GRP                     Design/Build                   Thailand

  27. D/36’ Classic sailing Yacht (02,03,04,05) USA                       GRP                     New Build                        Thailand

  28. Doubloon 38’                                                   AUS                     GRP                     Design                             Scotland

  29. Doubloon 40’ sailing yacht                           AUS                      GRP                     Design                             Scotland

  30. PROUT 38’ - sailing catamaran                    AUS                     GRP                     New Build                       Thailand

  31. Atlantic 46’ Ketch                                            G                          GRP                    Refit                                Greece

  32. DURENDAL’ Carbineer 44’ Ketch              I                            GRP                     Survey/Refit                  Greece

  33. DRAGONS (3) Classic sailboats                    DK& N                 Wood                   Refit                                Denmark

  34. ‘RASMUS’ 35 foot sail boat                          DK                         GRP                     Refit                                Denmark

  35. ‘SNARKEN’ 33 ft classic sailboat                GB                         Wood                   Survey/Restoration     Denmark

  36. ‘BAKERS MAID’ 39 ft sailboat                     DK                         Wood                   Major Refit                  Denmark

  37. ‘ANDRILOT’ Vertue No.1                             UK                          Wood                   Survey/Refit                Denmark

  38. Cold moulded dinghies (4)                          DK                          wood                    Design/Build               Denmark

  39. ‘MISS GOLIGHTLY’ Nicholson 35’             D                             GRP                     Survey/Refit                Denmark

  40. Bianca 33’ Motor sailor                                DK                          GRP                     Survey/Refit                Denmark

  41. Contessa 35’                                                  D                             GRP                     Survey/Refit                Denmark

  42. SWAN 38’                                                       D                             GRP                     Refit                             Denmark

  43. Larsen 32’ (new spars)                                D                             Wood                   Refit                     Denmark 

  44. ‘JULIA’46-foot sailboat (ketch)                   FIN                         Steel                    Survey/Refit               Gibraltar

  45. 48’ Sailing Yacht                                           DK                          GRP                     New Build                    Thailand

  46. ORCHID 49’ Sailing Yachts x 2                  USA                   GRP                 Design/Build      Thailand     

  47. DUBOIS 85’ sailboats x 2                            US                       GRP                     New Build                     Thailand

  48. DIXON 70-foot Catamaran                        UK                          GRP                      New Build                    Thailand

  49. Dubois 85’ Sailing Yacht                            GB                          GRP                      Consultant                  England


  1. ILE-DE-FRANCE 45m Motor Yacht           F                           Steel/GRP         New Build                       Thailand

  2. SINGA LADY  38.44m Motor Yacht            N                           Steel                   Survey/Rebuild             Thailand

  3. GRAND MARINA III – 37m M/Y                HK                        GRP                   Consultant                      Hong Kong

  4. MAID MARION 120’ M/Y                            TH                         Wood               Survey/Consultant       Thailand

  5. Royal Denship 42m Expedition Yacht      R                           Steel/GRP        New Build                       Denmark

  6. Royal Denship 85’ (02) Dixon M/Y            HK                        GRP                   New Build                       Denmark

  7. Royal Denship 85’ (03) Dixon M/Y            G                           GRP                   New Build                      Denmark

  8. 37m (120’) Tri-deck Motor Yacht (01)      UK                         GRP                   New Build                      Denmark

  9. 37m (120’) tri-deck- Motor Yacht (02)     R                            GRP                   New Build                      Denmark

  10. Royal Denship 82’ (05) Dixon MY              DK                         GRP                    New Build                      Denmark

  11. Royal Denship 82’ (06) Dixon MY              DK                         GRP                    New Build                       Denmark

  12. Storebro 38’ Motor Yacht                            DK                         Wood                 Survey/Repair                Denmark

  13. Royal Tender 10.30m                                   DK                        GRP                    New Build                       Thailand

  14. Royal Tender Sport 8.75m                          DK                         GRP                    New Build                        Thailand

  15. Royal Tender 10.8m hard top                     DK                         GRP                    New Build                        Thailand

  16. Royal Tender 9.3m Hard Top                      DK                         GRP                    New Build                        Thailand

  17. 26m (85’) Power catamaran (2)                  MAL                      GRP                    Consultant                       Thailand

  18. AMPHITRITE 44.2m Classic M/y               S                            ALU/Steel           Feasibility                        Thailand

  19. JAMILLA - 56 Ft motor Yacht                     DK                         Wood                  Survey/Refit                   Denmark

  20. PORTOLA                                                       USA                       Wood                  Consultant                       USA

  21. 27.43m Classic Edwardian MY                  UK                         GRP                    Design                              Thailand

  22. 41.15m Classic Edwardian MY                 R                            Steel/GRP         Design proposal             Thailand

  23. 52m Expedition Yacht                                 V                            Steel/Alu.         Design Proposal              Vietnam

  24. Royal Denship 85 FD                                   HK                          GRP                   Consultant                        Hong Kong

  25. 34m Expedition Yacht HK Steel Consultant Vietnam


  1. 2,500 m2 Boatyard Design/Build 1982        BGD         xxx            New Build            Bangladesh

  2. 1,200 m2 Boatyard Design/Build 1985        DK            xxx            New Build                Denmark

  3. 4,200 m2 Boatyard Design/Build 1988        TH            xxx            New Build            Thailand

  4. 5,200 m2 Boatyard - 1992                          G           xxx           Refit/Update           Greece

  5. 2,200 m2 Boatyard – 1997                            UK           xxx           Manage                       England

  6. 22,500 m2 Boatyard - Design/Build 1999   T               xxx           Build & Manage          Thailand

  7. 4,200 m2 Boatyard – 2010                            TH            xxx           Manage                       Thailand

  8. 6,500 m2 Shipyard – 2013                            UK            xxx           Manage                       Scotland

  9. 1,350 m2 Boatyard – 2014                       T               xxx           Consultant               Thailand


  1. 230 TON FLOATING DOCK                      TH                       Steel                     Design/ Build                    Thailand

  2. 85’ Wind farm Support Vessel                  UK                       Aluminium          New Build                          Scotland

  3. 68’ Wind farm Support Vessel                  UK                       Aluminium          New Build                          Scotland

  4. 66’ Wind farm Support Vessel                  UK                       Aluminium          New Build                          Scotland

  5. HERSTON LASS’ - 120’ Crew Boat          UK                       Steel                      Refit/re-engine               Scotland

  6. ‘FLOTTA LASS’ – 80’ Tug/Crew Boat       UK                       Steel                      Refit                                  Scotland

  7. ‘ABERDEEN’ RNLI Lifeboat No 1248       UK                       GRP                       Repair                               Scotland

  8. ‘LORD OF THE GLENS’ 46m cruise ship   UK                      Steel                      Refit                                  Scotland

  9. ‘CROMARTY QUEEN’ car ferry                 UK                        Steel                      Refit                                 Scotland

  10. 250 TON FLOATING DOCK                       THAI                    Steel                      Refit                                 Thailand

  11. 38 Foot Fishing Boat                                   DK                        GRP                       New Build                       Denmark

  12. 15.2 Fishing boat                                          DK                        Wood                    Refit                                Denmark

  13. 14.3m Fishing boat                                      DK                        Wood                    Refit                                Denmark

  14. 34' FISHING BOATS (5)                               DK                        GRP                       New Build                      Denmark

  15. SVEN DAHMAN’ 500 Ton Coaster           DK                        Steel                      Major Refit                    Denmark

  16. ALBATROSS’ 320 Ton Schooner              D                           Wood                    Major Refit                    Denmark

  17. ICE BEAR’ 385 Ton trading schooner      DK                        Wood                    Restoration                    Denmark

  18. 2 X 45 Foot Fishing Boats                         BG                          Wood                    New Build                     Bangladesh

  19. GREAT EXPECTATIONS’ (ferry)               GB                          Steel                      Refit                                England

  20. 60’ Tri hull Ferry (2)                                     GB                          GRP                      New Build                       England

  21. 43m EV Cruise Ship                                    Sing                        Steel                     Consultant                     Thailand

  22. 65m (214’) Mega-yacht cruise ship        TH                           Steel                     Design/Feas.                  Thailand

  23. ‘Sunborn’143m 15,000 ton Hotel Yacht  GIB                         Steel                     Consultant                     Gibraltar

  24. 11.3m Rescue Boat                                    UAE                       GRP                      Design/Consultant        Scotland

Vessels Surveyed & Consulted

VESSEL/PROJECT:                                 FLAG:            MATERIAL:              WORK:                        WHERE:


  1. ‘VICTORIA T’ 33m Farr Sloop                 CAN                   Aluminium         Survey/Manage            Malaysia

  2. SHIRIS 54’ classic sailboat                       USA                    Wood                 Survey                             England

  3. AKAROA II  67’ sailing yacht                   GB                       GRP                   Survey                             Scotland

  4. ‘BLUE FASCINATION’ 29m Jongert      GB                       Steel                  Consultation                  England

  5. LUCKY STAR’ Classic 12m (46’) SY        DK                       Wood                 Survey                            Denmark

  6. AMRAPALI’ – 36m Schooner                 USA                     Wood                 Consultant                     Thailand

  7. GLORY B’   56-foot ketch                        GB                        Wood                 Survey                             Denmark

  8. KEVU’   55’ Castro Ketch                         GB                        GRP                    Survey                             England

  9. 50’ Catamaran Production USA GRP Consultation Vietnam

  10. ATLANTIC 46 Ketch                                G                          GRP                    Survey                             Greece

  11. DURENDAL Carbineer 44’ Ketch           I                            GRP                    Survey                             Greece

  12. ANDRILOT Virtue No.1                            UK                        Wood                 Survey                             Denmark

  13. MISS GOLIGHTLY Nicholson 35’            D                          GRP                    Survey                             Denmark

  14. 70’ Steel Custom Sailing Yacht             GB                        Steel                   Survey/Consultant        China

  15. SWAN 38’                                                   D                          GRP                    Survey                              Denmark

  16. JULIA 46-foot sailboat (ketch)               FIN                       Steel                   Survey                              Gibraltar

  17. Dubois 85’ Sailing yacht                          GB                       GRP                    Survey                               England

  18. THOR’ 34’ sailing yacht                           IRE                        GRP                    Survey                              Scotland


  1. LAST MONEY – 30m Broward MY              D                    Aluminium          Survey                              Thailand

  2. SINGA LADY 38.44m’ Motor Yacht            N                     Steel                     Survey/Consultant       Thailand

  3. GRAND MARINA III – 37m M/Y                  HK                  GRP                     Consultant                    Hong Kong

  4. 45-meter Motor Yacht                                   HK                  Steel                    Survey/consultant       Denmark

  5. DOUCE’ 45m Edwardian Motor Yacht      F                      Steel/GRP           Consultant                      Thailand

  6. RD 90’ Motor Yacht                                         BG                  GRP                     Survey                            Denmark

  7. MAID MARION II 36.58m M/Y                   TH                   Wood                   Survey                            Thailand

  8. Storebro 38’ Motor Yacht                            DK                    Wood                   Survey/Repair               Denmark

  9. AMPHITRITE 44.2m Classic M/y                  S                    ALU/Steel           Consultant                      Thailand

  10. JAMILLA 56 Ft motor Yacht                          DK                  Wood                  Survey                             Denmark

  11. RD 85’ Fly-bridge Motor Yacht                   HK                    GRP                    Survey                            Hong Kong

  12. 35’ Sports Fisher                                              US                  GRP                    Survey                            Thailand


  1. 230 TON FLOATING DOCK                           TH                     Steel                     Consultant/Design          Thailand

  2. HERSTON LASS – 36.58m Crew Boat        UK                      Steel                     Consultant                        Scotland

  3. SVEN DAHMAN 500 Ton Coaster               DK                     Steel                      Consultant/Refit             Denmark

  4. GREAT EXPECTATIONS (ferry)                  GB                      Steel                     Survey/Consultant         England

  5. Hotel Yacht - 143m                                          GIB                    Steel                     Consultant                        Gibraltar

  6. 11.3m Rescue Boat                                         UAE                   GRP                      Design/Consultant         Scotland